THIEF - A free client for playing chess on the internet
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The latest version is Thief 1.25:
Download Thief 1.25 Installer (Thief1.25_Installer.exe, 3.8MB)
Download Female Voice Pack for Thief (, 658KB)
Download Thief 1.1 Installer (thief11.exe, 3.7MB, older version)
For older versions and the source code visit the download page on sourceforge.
Thief 1.25 Installation Notes for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7:
The installer requires administrator rights. Thief itself runs with normal user rights. If you install it from a normal user (=non-admin) accout you have to do one additional step: move the subfolder THIEF from the installing administrator's "My Documents" folder to the user's "My Documents" folder after the installation has completed.

To use the female voice pack just download and unzip it into the "My Documents\Thief\Wave" subfolder.

Upgrade notes for users of Thief 1.2 and later:
Just download Thief 1.25 and install it into a new directory. It will use all settings of your Thief 1.2 (or later) installation, no further work required.
Upgrade notes for users of Thief 1.1:
  • Program location: Thief 1.25 should not be installed in the same directory as Thief 1.1 (new default: C:\Program Files\Thief 1.25).
  • Location for User files: Ini file, game logs etc. are now installed in the user document folder ("My Documents\Thief"). If you have a highly customized Thief 1.1 you can copy your old connection settings, profiles, layouts, wavs etc. to the new location into the corresponding subfolders.
  • thief.ini: If you want to reuse your old thief.ini you have to make two small changes after copying it to the new location: Open it in a text editor, search for first two lines in the [Board] section which look like this:

    Bitmap piece file=..\BUGSTUFF\PIECE\BITMAP\Winboard\WPAWN.BMP
    Bitmap square file=..\BUGSTUFF\SQUARE\Thief\WSQUARE.BMP

    Remove the two "..\" after the equal sign so that the lines look like this:

    Bitmap piece file=BUGSTUFF\PIECE\BITMAP\Winboard\WPAWN.BMP
    Bitmap square file=BUGSTUFF\SQUARE\Thief\WSQUARE.BMP

    Note: If the lines do not have any entry you do not need to change anything.

    Now you can use your old (1.1) thief.ini for the new version.