THIEF - A free client for playing chess on the internet
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2011.05.10 (Thief 1.25 Release, Ludens)
  1. fixed: observe board SAN disambiguity (MrBug)
  2. fixed: message censor bug (TheLagger)
2011.02.21 (Thief 1.24 Release, Ludens)
  1. fixed: click move input (Leomund, Tabak)
  2. new: Message censor added to Personal Censor Filter
  3. fixed: proper game aborted/I aborted/partner aborted game end event sounds (CDay)
  4. fixed: minor bugs
2008.09.22 (Thief 1.23 Release, Ludens)
  1. fixed: premove/smartmove conflict: smartmove gets cancelled now if opp made move while mousedown (TheRaven)
  2. new: smartmove triggering is now configurable (on left mouseup or left mousedown) (TheRaven)
  3. new: sound events for draw offer and takeback request (MoosMutz)
  4. new: adjourn request sound added
  5. new: logging includes suppressed personal censor and silence events
  6. fixed: Adjourning games now makes Playing board end sound, not abort sound (Obliviax)
  7. fixed: no move sound & not sent to server when not player's move (w/o premove) (Obliviax)
  8. new: Max rightclick menu entries increased from 30 to 40 (beuki)
  9. new: Max Game Windows increased from 10 to 20 (DeadKings)
  10. new: MAX_CENSOR_ITEM increased from 50 to 100
  11. new: lag configuration dialog text added (bughouse only) (JZHouse)
  12. new: rightclick on handle in telnet console: tell (DeadKings)
2008.02.28 (Thief 1.22 Release, Ludens)
  1. new: rightclick on numbers in telnet console to respond to seeks and match offers (beuki)
  2. fixed: Button Command function
  3. fixed: illegal predrop bug (bcp/MrBug)
  4. minor bug fixes
2008.01.14 (Thief 1.21 Release, Ludens)
  1. new: New Layout for "Window -> Try Window layout": "Observe eight games"
  2. new: no more disconnections because of illegal characters sent to timeseal (proper ASCII filter)
  3. new: minimize to tray
  4. new: easier multiple command option for partner communication buttons
  5. new: password prompt option for registered accounts (if password is not saved in the profile)
  6. fixed/reintroduced: Flip board on right click for examine board (as in Thief 1.1) (MrBug)
  7. fixed: correct setting of premove & smartmove ivars
  8. fixed: if a premoved piece was taken, the premove was still considered legal and sent to server (PavelA)
  9. fixed: underlined links in whispers or kibitz not clickable (Vassil)
  10. fixed: board buttons shown for wild fr (Cranith)
2007.11.19 (Thief 1.2 Release, Ludens)
Minimal cosmetic fixes, stable release
2007.11.02 (Thief 1.2beta2, Ludens)
  1. new: Configurable Silence Mode (Preferences -> Customize Silence Command)
  2. fixed: Wild5 Board Flip
  3. Minor bugfixes and code cleanup
2007.10.12 (Thief 1.2beta1, Ludens)
  1. Colored Bughouse Clocks ("Preferences -> Game Configuration -> Game Options -> Colored Bughouse Clocks"), colors are configurable in "Preferences -> Game Configuration -> Board Appearance"
  2. Optional time display in console and/or log files: "Preferences -> Telnet Console Options" (Show time in Console/Show time in Console log)
  3. Exit prompt on active ICS connection is now configurable in "Preferences -> No Exit Prompt when connected"
  4. Win NT/2000/XP/Vista conformity: Folder BUGSTUFF and all folders/files requiring write access are now located in subfolder THIEF of user document folder. Installation requires administrator rights
  5. New Logfile naming convention: [ICS]YYMMDD.LOG (old: [ICS]DDMMYY.LOG)
  6. Minor code changes and bugfixes
For changes in version 1.1 or earlier see the full changelog in Thief or click here